ESTA Safety Park Dragstrip General Rules 2019

In addition to the NHRA Rulebook:

  1. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the competition areas or while still in competition. No illegal substances are allowed on the ESTA property.
  2. Failure to use proper safety equipment or credentials when required will be grounds for disqualification. No shorts, tank tops, flip-flops or sandals.
  3. The speed limit is 15 mph in the pits, return road and entrance road.
  4. You must register your vehicle at the base of the tower prior to making any time trials or competition runs. This is after your vehicle passes Tech Inspection.
  5. No burnouts are allowed in the pits or staging lanes, stationary burnouts are allowed only on the concrete burnout pad, 5 second maximum stationary burnout. STREET TIRE VEHICLES DRIVE AROUND WATER. No person is allowed to touch any vehicle during burnouts.
  6. No burnouts under power are allowed past the starting line. Dragsters, Altereds and vehicles without front brakes may coast across the starting line.
  7. Snow tires are not permitted on the drive wheels of any vehicle in competition.
  8. Time Trial procedure: If the lanes are unbalanced, wherein Tower side ( or spec) should have more vehicles after all paired lanes have run, the First Person in the remaining lane Gets Lane Choice. The second is required to take the other lane or forfeit time trial. No single runs.
  9. Drivers must have windows rolled up; all safety equipment in place, numbers and dial in’s on the left side and right upper windshield and be ready to run prior to leaving the staging lanes. Please check the scoreboards before PRE-STAGING to make sure that the dial-ins are correct. The driver accepts the dial-in displayed once he/she has pre-staged. No re runs for incorrect dial-ins. Make sure that your dial-ins on your vehicle matches, if they don’t we will use the faster one. ESTA reserves the right to correct our own dial-in mistakes.
  10. Please report to the staging lanes when your class is called. Do not report to the lanes for time trials or eliminations until your class is called. All announcements can be heard on radio station FM 89.3.
  11. If you want to make a time trial you must make it when your class is called. If you miss your time trial there are no provisions for you to get another one.
  12. In order to receive a point for your class, your vehicle must self start and stage under power.
  13. DEEP STAGING. If you are going to deep stage, it may not be visible on the vehicle. All “DEEP” (lettering) on windows must be removed (not permitted to be covered). The tree will be on AUTOSTART, no provision will be made by the starter if a racer is deep. No DQ for Deep Staging.
  14. The “Cross Talk” feature is used only in the Super Pro Class.
  15. Intentionally delaying a run is not permitted. Starter’s discretion. We also use auto start set at 10 seconds which will begin when three of the four pre stage / stage bulbs are lit.
  16. Any signs of excessive braking in the finish line area will result in disqualification. Infraction must be witnessed by an ESTA official.
  17. Please clear the end of the track as soon as possible. Vehicles on the left side of the track (NAPA) must yield the right of way to the right side (NAPA) before turning on to the return road. On 1/8 mile days if you miss the middle turn off you must use the last turn off and use the return road. NEVER DRIVE BACK UP THE TRACK!
  18. If you experience breakage please pull out of the racing groove as soon as SAFELY possible. This will minimize clean up time.
  19. All motorcycles must have dial in plates. Minimum 6’ x 12”
  20. No guaranteed cool down time in any class.
  21. No one under the age of 14 is allowed in the staging lanes or competition areas unless they are inside of a tow vehicle.
  22. You can pick up any round money or trophies you have won once you have been eliminated from your class of competition.
  23. All Pit vehicles must be approved, numbered, and complete registration forms which are available at the Tower. $50 Fee per NHRA Div. 1 agreement.
  24. The return road is ONE WAY. To pick up your Jr. Dragster driver use the entrance road or pit road to gain access to them.
  25. Oil Down Policy. You will be allowed 1 oil down for the season. The second one will cost $50. Anymore after that will cost $100 per occurrence.
  26. In the event of breakage and a lengthy clean up, the drivers of the vehicles in the burnout box will be allowed to change their dial-in’s. If a change is made the drivers must communicate the change to each other and an ESTA official.
  27. We will use random pairing for eliminations and then go to a ladder starting with the 3rd round for most races.
  28. At the end of our points season if there is a tie for first place in any class there will be a runoff to determine the overall season champ. If the runoff is not completed then the champ will be determined by the number of wins the driver had in that class. If still tied we will use runner up’s and then semi’s if needed.
  29. Time trials and random pairings: When one lane is left with vehicles, the first vehicle has lane choice. When on a ladder, participants shall flip a coin for lane choice.
  30. The decision of the EVENT DIRECTOR or TRACK MANAGER is final in all cases!


2019 Race Schedule

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Gates open at 8:00 am
Time Trials begin at 9:30 am
Tech closes at 12:00 noon
Eliminations by 2:00pm

 All Access admission only $15.00.

Kids 8-15 only $5.00,
Under 8 are FREE

Conditions such as weather, breakdowns and Special Events may alter schedule.

Fuel Available
All Racedays



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