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July 20-21 - It was a scorcher this weekend both on the thermometer and on the track as we hosted our annual Twin 10K Bracket Bash weekend presented by NAPA Auto Parts. The air was thick and heavy on Saturday as Friday's rain puddles lingered all weekend due high humidity and dew point levels, but it was the same air for all the racers and we saw some spectacular side-by-side racing. Here's a quick recap of the final rounds shook out and the boxscores below.

Saturday NAPA Auto Parts $10K Bracket Bash
Mark Earnest was .001 of a second away from a $10K payday, but that green was replaced with red and it was Pete D'Agnolo scoring the first 10K on the weekend. Pete dialed his '79 Malibu in at a 6.02 and got things started with a .025 light and kept his foot into it and cruised to a 6.013 at 111.93 mph winning pass. Mark dialed his dragster in at a blistering 4.60 and ran it out despite the starting line foul, running a tight 4.609 at 151.09 mph and had to settle for the runner-up cash. Mason Fix got inserted into the 10K ladder after scoring the No-Box win and bowed out in the semifinals.

Saturday No Box Bracket Bash
The winner of the No-Box Bash was Mason Fix, who defeated Gary Rolfe Jr. in the final. Mason won the starting line battle with a .038 to .068 r.t. advantage and held that lead at the top end to cross first with a 7.376 at 87.00 mph on his 7.36 dial-in to score the win. Mason's win got his '69 Dart inserted into the NAPA Auto Parts 10K ladder where he finished in the semis. Gary, a winner of a $10K check in 2018, dialed his Chevy S-10 in at a 6.86 and drove to a 6.886 at 99.36 mph in his runner-up effort. Terry Lee made it to the semis in his '89 Mustang and carried that momentum into Sunday to score the Big Check.

High Roller Dragster
Adam Bochon scored the win over Jack Ostrowski who broke out by .002 in what would have looked like a photo finish at the top end. Jack held a razor-thin .001 reaction time advantage over Adam, .039 to .040, but squeezed it a tad too hard running a 4.468 at 154.21 mph on his 4.47 dial-in handing the win over to Adam. Adam definitely earned the win as he drilled his 4.80 dial-in running a super 4.805 at 140.67 mph to score the Hig Roller win. Russ Adams and Chet Dragon were the semifinalists.

High Roller Door Car
Darren Frasso won the High Roller Door car purse in his '69 Chevy when Max Gauthier fouled on the line in his '81 Chevy going -.05 into the red. A tough pill to swallow for Max as he ran a .007-over, 6.377 at 107.07 mph in his runner-up effort. Darren got his winning pass started with a .022-initiated, 5.741 at 119.70 mph on his 5.72 dial-in to score the win. ESTA regular, Don Austin and Dave Catherman were the semifinalists.

Low Roller
Mike Thomas scored the Low Roller win in his '68 Camaro over Charles White after Charles was .006 too quick at the top end, running a 6.484 at 102.44 mph on his 6.49 dial. Mike gave up a slight lead to Chuck on the line, .048 to .022, but ran a solid 6.412 at 104.38 mph on his 6.40 dial-in as his win light came on. Crystal Curpier drove her dragster to a semifinal finish.

Sunday NAPA Auto Parts $10K Bracket Bash
ESTA foot-breaker Terry Lee scored the No-Box title and was inserted into the 10K ladder where he carried that momentum to the 10K win over Jason Chatwood who piloted his immaculate '83 Oldsmobile. With nearly identical dial-ins, Terry's 6.07 to Jason's 6.03, Jason held a slim .016 to .021 reation time advantage, but fell further off his dial-in running a 6.054 at 111.39 mph, handing Terry a .009 MOV win for the $10K payday. Terry kept his foot into it and clicked off a 6.08 at 110.55 mph for the win. What a story Terry can tell to his grandkids someday. From surviving a serious health scare in 2018, to repairing major mechanical breakdown last week, to foot-braking his way to the $10K prize!  Max Gauthier and Adam Bochon both closed out highly-profitable weekends with semifinal finishes in the Sunday 10K event.

Sunday No Box Bracket Bash
As mentioned above, Terry Lee got the win over John Binkle in the No Box final and it was a close one! John held .010 in the bank with his .007 to .017 starting line advantage, but went .006 ticks too quick in his '89 Roadster running a 5.564 at 116.57 mph breakout pass. Terry dialed his Mustang in at a 6.07 and nailed it at top end with a tight 6.072 at 111.67 mph for the win and insertion into the Sunday, NAPA Auto Parts 10K Bash. Ray Thurston IV drove his '68 Plymouth to the lone semifinal finish.

Jr. Dragster
Jimmy O'Toole got the win over Natalie Musolino. Both drivers missed the tree a bit with Jimbo holding the .111 to .152 advantage, but young Mr. O'Toole nailed his 7.97 dial-in stopping the top end clocks at 7.977 at 80.50 mph for the win. Natalie dialed in at an 8.17 and drove to a 8.263 at 70.54 mph in her runner-up effort. Chance Nash and Dylan Chatwood were able to race the semifinals.

Thanks to all our competitors, fans and track staff for braving the extreme elements all weekend to make this event the great success it is every year!

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.
Winner Circle photos by BME Photography


Saturday NAPA Auto Parts $10K Bracket Bash

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Pete D'Agnolo
'79 Malibu .025 6.013, 111.93 6.02
R-Up Mark Earnest Dragster -0.001 4.609, 151.09 4.60
Semis Mason Fix (NBX) No-Box Winner  

Saturday No-Box Bash

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Mason Fix
'69 Dart .038 7.376, 87.00 7.36
R-Up Gary Rolfe Jr. Chevy S-10 .068 6.886, 99.36 6.86
Semis Terry Lee

High Roller Door Car

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Darren Frasso '69 Chevy .022 5.741, 119.70 5.72
R-Up Max Gauthier '81 Chevy -0.05 6.377, 107.07 6.37
Semis Don Austin
Dave Catherman

High Roller Dragster

  Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Adam Bochon Dragster .040 4.805, 140.67 4.80
R-Up Jack Ostrowski Dragster .039 4.468, 154.21 4.47
Semis Russ Adams
Chet Dragon

Low Roller

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Mike Thomas '68 Camaro .048 6.412, 104.38 6.40
R-Up Charles White Mailbu .022 6.484, 102.44 6.49
Semis Crystal Curpier

Sunday NAPA Auto Parts $10K Bracket Bash

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Terry Lee (NBX) '89 Mustang .021 6.080, 110.55 6.07
R-Up Jason Chatwood '83 Olds .016 6.054, 111.39 6.03
Semis Max Gauthier
Adam Bochon

Sunday No-Box Bash

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Terry Lee
'89 Mustang .017 6.072, 111.67 6.07
R-Up John Binkle '89 Roadster .007 5.564, 116.57 5.57
Semis Ray Thurston IV

Jr. Dragster

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Jimmy O'Toole Halfscale .111 7.977, 80.50 7.97
R-Up Natalie Musolino Dragster .152 8.263, 70.54 8.17
Semis Dylan Chatwood
Chance Nash

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