Summit E.T. Racing Series - September 1

LaRose Jr. Defeats Belvick for King of the Track Crown

2013 King of the Track Final

September 1 - With the threat of stormy afternoon weather today we shortened the race length to 1/8 mile and completed the King of The Track race, as well as a Summit E.T. points race for our regular competitors.

kingofthetrackIn the King of the Track Race which pitted our top class point earners against each other for the coveted win, it was Mike LaRose Jr. adding one of the "Wally's" to his own trophy mantle (his father has won this twice) when he defeated Bob Belvick in the final round. Mike drove his father's '68 Plymouth GTX to a .510 to .588 starting line advantage over Bob who was in his Chevy powered dragster. Bob ran right on his 4.95 dial with a 4.955 at 132.36 mph, but that could not catch Mike who won with a 6.548 at 100.43 mph run on his 6.49 dial-in. Don Austin and Ryan Orizino were the semifinalists.

Matt Spisak - Super Pro

Super Pro
In Super Pro, Matt Spisak drove his '67 Camaro to the win by defeating Mike LaRose who was driving his '68 Plymouth GTX. The reaction times were close with Matt holding a scant .543 to .547 advantage and he ran closer to his 6.58 dial with a 6.596 at 102.55 mph run to turn back Mike's 6.553 at 105.13 mph run on his 6.53 dial. Iggy Falcone and Jack Vault were the semifinalists.

Todd Lipke - Pro

Todd Lipke drove Steve Doss's borrowed '85 "Purple Haze" Monte Carlo to the Pro win when he stopped Howard Roberts in his '84 Firebird. Todd put together an unreal final round +0.013 package with a .508 light and running right on his 6.51 dial-in with a 6.515 at 104.20 mph. Howard had a .572 reaction and was forced under his 7.79 dial with a 7.765 at 87.71 mph runner-up effort. Theodore Lewis and Mike LaRose Jr. were the semifinalists.

Pro MX
Pro MX action saw Heath Smith ride his '01 Arctic Cat to the win by stopping last year's points champ Chrissy Klein on her '02 Polaris. Both riders ran under their dial-in, but Heath was less offensive with a 5.535 at 131.12 mph on his 5.54, while Chrissy ran a 6.268 at 106.16 mph on her 6.30. Heath had the better light .537 to .584. Jeremy Hutton and Anthony Colagiovani were the semifinalists.

Morgan Bunal - Street Money

Street Money
Morgan Bunal continues to have a decent season in her Camaro taking her first Street Money win when she defeated Gary Rolfe Jr. who was driving his Monte Carlo. Gary got the head start with his 9.55 dial in, but he fouled with a .473 reaction and ran it out to a 9.47 at 74.61 mph runner up pass while Morgan, who also lit the red light with a .480, ran an 8.06 at 84.59 mph run on her 8.07 dial. Michael Wilson was the semifinalist.

Mark Dobie drove his '68 Nova to the Modified win defeating Bryan Backus in his '92 Mustang. Bryan held a .577 to .655 reaction time advantage, but he ran under his 6.76 dial-in with a 6.731 at 100.43 mph run, while Mark broke out by less with a 6.437 at 100.25 mph run on his 6.44. Don Austin and Craig Trudell were the semifinalists.

Street Trophy
Steve English in his '82 Cutlass stopped Richard Vose in his '75 Duster for the Street Trophy win today. Steve had a .573 light and ran an 8.197 at 82.24 mph on his 8.13 dial, while Rich bulbed with a .411 foul and ran a 7.625 at 88.54 mph on his 7.60 dial. Kurt Hagen was the semifinalist.

Bike/Sled Trophy
Bike/Sled Trophy was won by many time winner Kevin Wuest on his '04 Ski-doo. Kevin stopped John Kuhfta on his '89 Polaris with a .587 initiated, 6.248 at 94.35 mph run on his 6.19 dial-in, while John settled for the runner up spot with a .620 initiated, 6.654 at 96.75 mph on his 6.62. Neil Jacobs was the semifinalist.

Paige DeSalvo - Jr. Dragster

Jr. Dragster "A"
Paige DeSalvo won for the third time this year in the Jr. dragster class when she stopped Dunham Hall in the final round. Dunham held a slight .552 to .570 starting line edge, but as they made their way down track Paige drove right on her 7.90 dial with a 7.907 at 79.48 mph to turn back Dunham's 7.940 at 81.04mph run on his 7.90. Last week's winner Kimberly Klein was the semifinalist.

Next week we'll host one of our biggest events of the season, The NYS Championship/National Dragster Challenge, with "Wally" trophies and guaranteed top payouts to the winners. Also there will be extra money added to the Pro class donated by sponsors in honor of George Cannellos, which should boost the winner's share to over $1,000. We are also going to pay tribute to Moe Tucker, a long time ESTA Board Member who passed away earlier this year.

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.


King of the Track

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Mike LaRose Jr. '68 Plymouth .510 6.548, 100.43 6.49
R-Up Bob Belvick Dragster .588 4.955, 132.36


Semis Don Austin
Ryan Orizino

Super Pro

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Matt Spisak '67 Camaro .543 6.596, 102.55 6.58
R-Up Mike LaRose '68 Plymouth .547 6.553, 105.13


Semis Iggy Falcone
Jack Vault


  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Todd Lipke '85 Monte Carlo .508 6.515, 104.20 6.51
R-Up Howard Roberts '84 Firebird .572 7.765, 87.71


Semis Mike LaRose Jr.
Theodore Lewis

Pro MX

  Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Heath Smith '01 Arctic Cat .537 5.535, 131.12 5.54
R-Up Chrissy Klein '02 Polaris .584 6.268, 106.16


Semis Anthony Colagiovani
Jeremy Hutton

Street Money

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Morgan Bunal '83 Camaro .480 8.062, 84.59 8.07
R-Up Gary Rolfe Jr. '85 Monte Carlo .473 9.471, 74.61


Semis Michael Wilson


Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Mark Dobie '68 Nova .655 6.437, 100.25 6.44
R-Up Bryan Backus '92 Mustang .577 6.731, 100.43 6.76
Semis Don Austin
Craig Trudell

Street Trophy

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve English '82 Cutlass .573 8.197, 82.24 8.13
R-Up Richard Vose '75 Duster .411 7.625, 88.54 7.60
Semis Kurt Hagen

Bike/Sled Trophy

Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Kevin Wuest '04 Ski-doo .587 6.248, 94.35 6.19
R-Up John Kufhta '89 Polaris .620 6.654, 96.75 6.62
Semis Neil Jacobs

Jr. Dragster

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Paige DeSalvo '10 Halfscale .570 7.907, 79.48 7.90
R-Up Dunham Hall '13 Bos .552 7.940, 81.04 7.90
Semis Kimberly Klein

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