Summit E.T. Racing Series - August 25

The Jr.s Drake, LaRose & Boston Score Pro Wins

Carl Drake Jr. - Super Pro

August 25 - After a horrendous May and June weather-wise, August has been a blessing as we logged our 4th-straight Summit Racing E.T. Series event on Sunday. Carl Drake Jr., Mike LaRose Jr. and Dennis Boston Jr. scored Super Pro, Pro and Pro MX wins respectively.

Super Pro
After a runner up finish a week ago Carl Drake Jr. put his dragster into the Super Pro winner circle with a narrow defeat of Bob Belvick, also in a dragster. Both drivers had good reaction times with Carl holding a .510 to .529 advantage and he won with a 7.762 at 173.25 mph on his 7.74 dial, while Bob ran under his 7.69 dial in with a 7.687 at 168.56 mph runner up effort. Scott Popple was the semifinalist. As a side note, Belvick secured his spot in next week's King of The Track Race as well as the Race of Champions at the bracket finals in a about a month.

Mike LaRose Jr. - Pro

I think it was just a few weeks ago that we were told that Mike LaRose Jr. was hanging up his drag racing shoes in favor of some dirt oval racing, but lo and behold he shows up here today and wins the Pro Class in his ’34 Ford Roadster. Mike had a .538 light and ran a 10.685 at 120.94 mph on his 10.67 dial to defeat Theodore Lewis who was in his Waite Auto sponsored ’82 Firebird. Theo had a .592 light and was forced under his 10.54 dial in with a 10.534 at 126.60 mph effort. Bob Mayers and Gary Rolfe Jr. were semifinalists.

Dennis Boston - Pro MX

Pro MX
Dennis Boston
took another win in the Pro MX class today aboard his ’03 Ski-Doo. Dennis won with an 8.82 at 133.46 mph run on his 8.76 dial after his opponent Anthony Colagiovani on his Arctic Cat fouled. Anthony ran a 10.46 at 113.08 mph on his 10.23 dial. Jessie McCombie and Skip Tamburino were the semifinalists.

Matt Consiglio - Street Money

Street Money
Street Money action saw Matt Consiglio in his ’95 Camaro get the head start all day and score the win stopping Leonard Meeks Jr. in his ’11 Mustang. Matt used a .559 to .582 reaction time advantage to seal the win with his 17.394 at 73.08 mph run on his 17.33 dial. Leonard’s runner up effort was 12.584 at 111.15 mph on his 12.50 dial in. Steve English and Mike Halsey made it to the semi’s.

In Modified it was Peter Duffer in father Rich’s ’65 Chevy scoring the popular win, it’s been about a year or so since Rich has raced the car. Peter stopped Dave Tingley in his ’68 Chevelle with a .568 initiated, 12.591 at 103.22 mph, right on his 12.59 dial in. Dave had the better light .547, but ran just off his 10.97 dial in with a 11.004 at 121.60 mph. Becca Searles was the semifinalist.

Street Trophy
Steve English won the Street Trophy title when Lee Haramis red lighted his chance away. Steve would have been nearly impossible to beat after he killed the tree with a .502 and he ran right on his 12.59 dial in with a 12.593 at 107.60 mph. Lee had a .444 bulb and ran a 17.372 at 77.87 mph on his 17.25 dial. Earl Snyder was the semifinalist.

Bike/Sled Trophy
In Bike / Sled Trophy it was Kevin Wuest’s turn to put together a great final round package as he rode is ’04 Ski-Doo to a great .517 initiated, 10.091 at 116.88 mph run on his 10.09 dial to stop David Ashby on his ’90 Kawasaki. Dave had a slight starting line edge with his .514, but he ran just off his 13.76 dial in with a 13.806 at 93.03 mph for the runner up spot. Ryan Orizino and John Kufhta were the semifinalists.

Kimberly Klein - Jr. Dragster

Jr. Dragster "A"
In Jr. Dragster action this year it’s been Ron Klein stealing most of the press as he has had a great year so far. But today it was older sister Kimberly showing Ron that she still has what it takes to get the job done as she stopped him in the final round with a .552 initiated, 7.915 at 81.05 mph run on her 7.90 dial in. Ron settled for the runner up spot with his .570 initiated, 7.953 at 82.13 mph run on his 7.92 dial. Shane Bingel was the semifinalist.

Heather Scheirer - Girls Go Racing

On tap next week will be the King of The Track Race which will pit all of our #1's against each other for a shot at the coveted title as well as a Summit E.T. points race.

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.


Super Pro

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Carl Drake Jr. Dragster .510 7.762, 173.25 7.74
R-Up Bob Belvick Dragster .529 7.687, 168.56


Semis Scott Popple


  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Mike LaRose Jr. '34 Ford .538 10.685, 120.94 10.67
R-Up Theodore Lewis '82 Firebird .592 10.534, 126.69


Semis Bob Mayers
Gary Rolfe Jr.

Pro MX

  Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Dennis Boston Jr. '03 Ski-doo .535 8.823, 133.46 8.76
R-Up Anthony Colagiovani Arctic Cat .470 10.464, 113.08


Semis Jessie McCombie
Skip Tamburino

Street Money

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Matt Consiglio '95 Camaro .559 17.394, 73.08 17.33
R-Up Leonard Meeks Jr. '11 Mustang .582 12.584, 111.15


Semis Steve English
Mike Halsey


Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Peter Duffer '65 Chevy .568 12.591, 103.22 12.59
R-Up Dave Tingley '68 Chevy .547 11.004, 121.60 na
Semis Becca Searles

Street Trophy

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve English '82 Cutlass .502 12.593, 107.60 12.59
R-Up Lee Haramis '65 Comet .444 17.372, 77.87 17.25
Semis Earl Snyder

Bike/Sled Trophy

Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Kevin Wuest '04 Ski-doo .517 10.091, 116.88 10.09
R-Up David Ashby '90 Kawasaki .514 13.806, 93.03 13.76
Semis Ryan Orizino
John Kufhta

Jr. Dragster

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Kimberly Klein '09 KCS .552 7.915, 81.05 7.90
R-Up Ron Klein Jr. '13 Bos .570 7.953, 82.13 7.92
Semis Shane Bingel

Girls Go Racing

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Heather Scheirer Dragster .589 8.101, 162.44 8.07
R-Up April Martin '76 Dodge .608 10.495, 128.65 10.47
Semis Chrissy Klein

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