Summit E.T. Racing Series - July 21

New Winner Crowned in F.X. Caprara 10K Bracket Bash

10K Winner Rick StonierJuly 21 - With the Saturday racing delayed by rain showers, oildowns and an on track accident, the completion of the 3rd Annual F.X. Caprara 10K Bracket Bash came on Sunday as Rick Stonier defeated Grant Nichols for the $10K winner's purse.  ESTA-regular Steve Doss made it to the semifinals for an excellent effort.

Rick sealed the win at the start with a .503 to .531 reaction advantage and ran closer to his 6.41 dial-in to score the big 10K payday. Grant Nichols a Lebanon Valley regular competitor secured a cool $2,500 for his runner-up effort.

 10K Runner-up Grant Nichols

2K Super Pro Winner Jesse AlbertsSuper Pro 2K
The non-points Super Pro event for Sunday had a $2,000-to-Win bounty up for grabs and it was Jesse Alberts defeating Bill Leber for the top prize. Jesse got the jump at the start with a .507 to .514 advantage and held on for a .033 MOV for the $2,000 purse.

Jesse dialed in at 4.94 and ran an awesome 4.967 at 131.96 mph for a +0.034 package. Dialed in with a quicker 4.59, Bill ran off his dial with a 4.623 at 142.94 mph pass and could not overcome Jesse's r.t. advantage. Jim Gagnon was the lone semifinalist.

Mark Goyette winner American Dragster ShootoutAmerican Dragster Shootout
Mark Goyette won the double breakout American Dragster Shootout final over Russ Adams and scored a cool 5Gs for his win. Russ held a slim .524 to .528 start line advantage, but took too much win stripe and ran a 0.019-under 4.801 at 142.02 mph to hand the win to Mark.

Dialed in at a 5.13, Mark ran a 5.123 at 135.13 mph run breaking out by a slimmer 0.007 margin. Vince Musolino was the lone semifinalist.

Photo: Vince Musolino (rt.) presents Mark the 5K check for his win.

In Pro Todd Lipke borrowed Steve Doss’s ’85 Monte Carlo and drove it flawlessly to capture the win when he defeated Mike LaRose Jr. in his ’34 Ford Roadster. Todd had a great .508 light and ran a 6.450 at 104.20 mph on his 6.41 dial. Mike had a .597 light, which forced him to run under his 6.71 dial with a 6.66 101.42 mph runner up effort. Mark Dobie and Brad Perkins were the semifinalists.

Pro MX
Heath Smith won the Pro MX class on his ’07 Polaris defeating Rick Woodruff on his ’01 Arctic Cat. Heath had a .537 light and ran right on his 6.50 dial in with a 6.509 at 97.24 mph, while Rick had a .575 light and ran a 6.395 at 105.41 mph on his 6.37 dial. Skip Tamburino and Lynn Major were the semifinalists.

Street Money
In Street Money action Brad Horton in his ’95 Chevy got the win when Peter DeSalvo bulbed in his ’01 Ranger. Brad had a .687 light and ran a 9.154 at 77.61 mph on his 9.02 dial. Peter, who had .501 and .504 reactions in the previous rounds leaned on the tree too hard this time and fouled with a .483 red light and had to settle for the runner up spot with a 10.781 at 65.58 mph run on his 10.81 dial in. Morgan Bunal and Klaus Dieroff were the semifinalists. 

April Martin drove her ’76 Dart to the Modified win when she stopped Kim Rogge in her ’73 Duster. April had this one all the way with her .579 initiated 6.801 at 90.55 mph run on her 6.68 prediction. Kim missed the tree with a .771 light and she settled for the runner up spot with a 7.251 at 93.14 mph run on her 7.22 dial in. Becca Searles was the semifinalist.

Street Trophy 
Earl Snyder drove his ’12 Dodge to the Street Trophy win stopping last week's winner Morgan Bunal in her ’89 Camaro. Morgan lit the red light handing the win to Earl.

Bike/Sled Trophy
Bike Sled Trophy came down to Ryan Orizino on his ’01 Arctic Cat taking on Chrissy Klein on her ’02 Polaris. This was a close one, but Ryan’s .561-initiated, 5.929 at 101.64 mph run on his 5.73 dial was enough to defeat Chrissy’s .560-initiated, 6.536 at 103.41 mph run on her 6.33 dial. John Kuhfta was the semifinalist.

Jr. Dragster
Kimberly Klein drove her Jr. dragster to the win with a .586 light and she ran a 7.937 at 81.49 mph on her 7.94 dial. Siena Scigliato  lit the red light and had to settle for the runner up spot. Siena was .470 red at the tree and ran a 7.884 at 83.13 mph on her 7.90 dial in. Casey BeDell and Ron Klein Jr. were the semifinalists.

 A special thanks to Vince Musolino for his help in organizing this event. Also thanks to the Caprara's for being the lead sponsor and his crew for helping out, Thanks to American Race Cars and a special thanks to the ESTA crew who put in two very long days of work getting this event completed.

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.
Photos by John Zachary and Pete DeSalvo


F.X. Caprara 10K Bracket Bash

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Rick Stonier '72 Monte Carlo .503 6.437, 106.38 6.41
R-Up Grant Nichols '98 Dragster .531 5.102, 133.99


Semis Steve Doss '85 Monte Carlo

Super Pro 2K

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Jesse Alberts '08 American .507 4.967, 131.96 4.94
R-Up Bill Leber Dragster .514 4.623, 142.94


Semis Jim Gagnon

American Dragster Shootout

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Mark Goyette 'dragster .528 5.123, 135.13 5.13
R-Up Russ Adams Dragster .524 4.801, 142.02


Semis Vince Musolino


  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Tod Lipke '85 Monte Carlo .508 6.450, 104.20 6.41
R-Up Mike LaRose Jr. '34 Ford .597 6.669, 101.45


Semis Mark Dobie
Brad Perkins

Pro MX

Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Heath Smith '07 Polaris .537 6.509, 97.24 6.50
R-Up Rick Woodruff '01 Arctic Cat .575 6.395, 105.41 6.37
Semis Skip Tamburino
Lynn Major

Street Money

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Brad Horton '95 Chevy .687 9.154, 77.61 9.02
R-Up Peter DeSalvo '01 Ranger .483 10.781, 65.58 10.81
Semis Morgan Bunal
Klaus Dieroff


Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win April Martin '76 Dodge .579 6.801, 90.55 6.68
R-Up Kim Rogge '73 Plymouth .771 7.251, 93.14 7.22
Semis Becca Searles

Street Trophy

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Earl Snyder '12 Dodge .696 8.969, 78.91 9.05
R-Up Morgan Bunal '82 Camaro .473 8.207, 83.33 8.04
Semis --

Bike/Sled Trophy

Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Ryan Orizino '01 Arctic Cat .561 5.929, 101.64 5.73
R-Up Chrissy Klein '02 Polaris .560 6.536, 103.41 6.33
Semis Kevin Wuest

Junior Dragster

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Kimberly Klein '10 KCS .586 7.937, 81.49 7.94
R-Up Siena Scigliato dragster .470 7.884, 83.13 7.90
Semis Casey BeDell
Ron Klein Jr.

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