Summit E.T. Racing Series - August 26

Andrea Bisson

August 26 - Sunday's Summit Racing E.T. Racing Series event included the 2012 edition of Girls Gone Racing to benefit D.R.A.W. which saw Andrea Bisson defeat Kim Piston in their final round match. Other racing highlights included Matt Bunal making it two-in-a-row Street Money wins just in time before his return to college. Here's the shakedown of the racing action on Sunday.

Girls Gone Racing
While Kim Piston drove well all day and ran a decent pass in the final, it was all over at the start as Andrea Bisson's .538 to .679 reaction time advantage was simply too much for Kim to hold off. Andrea drove her '70 Pontiac Tempest to an off-the-throttle 11.662 at 102.98 mph (11.50 dial) once she drove around Kim's 17.173 run on her 17.10 dial. Rebecca Shaw was the lone semifinalist. We wish to thank all the lady competitors and Jane Bersani for helping make this annual event the success that it has become.

Iggy Falcone - August 26 Super ProSuper Pro
Veteran Super Pro doorslammer Ace Iggy Falcone ran his '65 Pontiac GTO to a dead-on 10.050 at 135.38 mph to shut the door on reigning Super Pro Champion Vince Musolino in their final round showdown. Vince held a slim .522 to .523 reaction advantage, but it wasn't enough to chase down Falcone's Goat as his '11 American dragster could only muster a 7.377 at 194.80 mph run on his 7.35 dial-in. James Smith Jr. continued his string of deep runs by driving his Mike Bos dragster to the semifinal finish.


Mike LaRose made it to his 4th straight Pro final on Sunday, but unfortunately it resulted in another runner-up finish as the "Iceman" Eric Sadowski ran a tight .002-over, 11.052 at 119.98 mph run to deny the reigning champ the win. Mike drove his '68 "Hustle Stuff" GTX to a 10.350 at 130.05 mph run on his 10.33 dial for the runner-up finish. The battle may have been lost, but Mike is winning the war as he sits on top of the Pro division standings as of August 19th. Utica's Skip Zegarelli drove his Camaro to the lone semifinal finish.August 26 Pro Final

Pro MX
Pro MX action saw Sudsy Eastman return to the Pro MX winner circle when Heath Smith ended any chance of win with a .484 red light start. Sudsy ran it out and ran a .548 initiated, 10.016 at 128.60 mph pass on his 9.97 dial-in to take the win. Heath shut his Polaris off instead of running it out. Derek Eastman was denied an opportunity to run dad in the final when Heath ended his day in the semis.

Street Money
Matt Bunal put some extra spending money in his pocket before returning to college this week by winning Street Money for the second week in a row. Like Eric Sadowski did in the Pro final, Matt ran a .002-over 12.802 at 97.34 mph and held a .054 r.t. advantage over Matt Consiglio at the start. Matt Bunal's dial-matching run left no room for Matt Consiglio to maneuver except to breakout from his 17.20 dial-in with a 17.187 at 77.19 mph runner-up effort. Anthony Zangari and Klaus Dieroff were the semifinalists.

Don Leppard was the benficiary of a Kelly Pope red light start and took home the Modified winner's trophy on Sunday. First to leave was Kelly who dialed in at an 11.09, but he got too eager and bulbed with a .428 light. Kelly ran it out to an 11.261 at 119.95 mph. Don was a bit tardy on line with a 1.134 reaction, perhaps being distracted by Kelly's red light and ran it out to a 10.718 at 123.94 mph run on his 10.74 dial. Henry Holifield was the lone semifinalist.

Street Trophy
Ted Lewis got some payback when he knocked off points leader Steve English in their final round matchup. Steve got things started with a .563 light, but was forced into a breakout run of 13.087 at 103.71 mph trying to hold off Ted's charging Monte Carlo. Ted sealed the deal at the start nailing the tree with a .507 r.t. then running a 12.639 at 102.25 mph on his 12.61 dial to score the win. Pete Duffer was the semifinalist.

Bike/Sled Trophy
Tire spin at the start nearly ended Fred Jacob's chance for the Bike/Sled Trophy win, but Ryan Orizino's uncharacteristic .717 light opened the door Fred to drive around Ryan's Arctic Cat ZRT and take the win. Dialed in at a 9.35, Fred was able to shave off nearly 8 mph off his pass when he lifted to a 9.440 at 137.19 mph run. Ryan ran off his 10.16 dial-in with a 10.227 at 122.94 mph runner-up effort. Chrissy Klein piloted her '01 Polaris to the semifinal finish.

Jr. Dragster "A"
Dunham Hall won a double breakout final against Morgan Bunal to take the Jr. Dragster "A" division win. Dunham held a .544 to .560 r.t. advantage and missed a dead-on run by a mere .001 when he ran a too quick 7.919 at 82.55 mph to take the win. Morgan broke out by .006 trying to close the starting line gap when she ran her racer to a 7.894 at 82.75 mph pass. Joshua Snyder was the semifinalist.

Jr. Dragster "B"
Shane Bingel
topped Kierstin Harris in the Jr. "B" final. Kierstin had Shane beat on the line with her .633 to .679 r.t. advantage, but took too much win stripe at the top end with her 8.864 at 71.41 mph run on her 8.93 dial. Shane ran closer to his dial-in running an 8.920 at 73.62 mph run on his 8.96 dial to take the win. Danny Thorpe and Jenna Lipke were the semifinalists.

That will do it for today. Next week we will have a normal Summit E.T. Points race as well as the NHRA/Summit Racing King of the Track event.  See you there…

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.


Super Pro

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Iggy Falcone '65 Pontiac GTO .523 10.050, 135.58 10.05
R-Up Vince Musolino '11 American .522 7.377, 194.80 7.35
Semis James Smith Jr.


Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Eric Sadowski '70 Challenger na 11.052, 119.98 11.05
R-Up Mike LaRose '68 Plymouth na 10.350, 130.05 10.33
Semis Skip Zegarelli

Pro MX

Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Sudsy Eastman '01 Ski-doo .548 10.016, 128.60 9.97
R-Up Heath Smith '07 Polaris .484 Shut off 9.40
Semis Derek Eastman

Street Money

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Matt Bunal '91 Camaro .542 12.802, 97.34 12.80
R-Up Matt Consiglio '95 Chevy .596 17.187, 77.19 17.20
Semis Anthony Zangari
Klaus Dieroff


Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Don Leppard '87 Camaro 1.134 10.718, 123.94 10.74
R-Up Kelly Pope '88 Chevy .428 11.261, 119.95 11.09
Semis Henry Holifield

Street Trophy

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Ted Lewis '86 Monte Carlo .507 12.639, 102.25 12.61
R-Up Steve English '82 Cutlass .563 13.087, 103.71 13.09
Semis Chad Horton

Bike/Sled Trophy

Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Fred Jacobs '91 Suzuki .629 9.440, 137.19 9.35
R-Up Ryan Orizino '96 Arctic Cat .717 10.227, 122.94 10.16
Semis Chrissy Klein

Junior Dragster "A"

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Dunham Hall Dragster .544 7.919, 82.55 7.92
R-Up Morgan Bunal Dragster .560 7.894, 82.75 7.90
Semis Joshua Snyder

Junior Dragster "B"

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Shane Bingel '07 Halfscale .679 8.920, 73.62 8.96
R-Up Kerstin Harris Jr. Dragster .633 8.864, 71.41 8.93
Semis Danny Thorpe
Jenna Lipke

Girls Go Racing

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Index
Win Andrea Bisson '70 Pontiac .538 11.662, 102.98 11.50
R-Up Kim Piston '09 Chevy .679 17.173, 79.77 17.10
Semis Rebecca Shaw

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