Summit E.T. Racing Series - July 22


DeSalvo, BeDell, Bingel Hoist Jr. Shootout Wallys

July 22 - Sunday's event concluded 2 days worth of high intensity, big payout bracket racing action which included the 10K to Win F.X. Caprara Bracket Bash on Saturday. Sunday's event was a regular Summit Racing E.T. Racing Series with the exception of Super Pro and a couple special classes added for the Jr.s and the Susan Koman Draggin for a Cure class. Here's a recap on Sunday's winners. 

Super Pro
The Super Pro class ran a special $2,000 to Win, 1/8th mile, non-points event and it was Bob Belvick taking measure of Josh Speck in the final for the big payday. Bob won the final on the line as his .523 to .554 starting line advantage was more than enough to cover Josh at the top end stripe. Both drivers nailed their dial-ins, each going .001-over with Bob running a 5.001 at 137.13 mph to Josh's 4.961 at 144.21 mph. Some awesome driving in the Super Pro final! Carl Drake Jr. almost had to rent a Brink's truck for the tow home as he fell 2 round wins short of an extremely profitable weekend at the strip!

Steve Doss ran closer to his dial after giving up a slight starting line advantage to Mike LaRose, and drove around Mike at top end for the Pro win. Steve drove his Monte Carlo to a 10.102 at 130.09 run  on his 10.08 dial-in to overcome Mike's .518 to .523 reaction advantage. Mike's '69 Dart ran a solid 10.392 at 127.90 mph on his 10.35 dial, but was unable to hold off Steve's charge at the top. Pro rookie sensation Justin Hardman had another great run finishing as the lone semifinalist.

Pro MX
Pro MX action saw Lynn Major make an appearance today on his Suzuki and defeat Chrissy Klein who was on her familiar ’02 Polaris. Lynn held a slight .524 to .538 reaction time advantage and win with his 8.584 at 147.45 mph run on his 8.57 dial in. Chrissy gave it her best, but ran under her 9.95 dial in with an 9.948 at 123.63 mph runner up effort. Fred Jacobs was the lone semifinalist.

Street Money
Steve English took the first of two wins today when he scored the Street Money win. Driving his ‘’82 Cutlass he used a 13.077 at 103.16 mph run on his 13.08 dial in to take care of Jim Smith who fouled in his ’89 GMC. Brad Horton and Howie Conklin were the semifinalists.

In Modified Ken Miller wheeled his ’72 Maverick to the win by stopping Fausto Rioscolon who was in his ’72 ‘Cuda. Ken held a .512 to .578 advantage at the starting line and won it with his 11.043 at 120.08 mph run on his 11.02 dial while Fausto settled for the runner up spot with a 9.781 at 135.93 mph run on his 9.80. Jeremy Popple was the semifinalist.

Street Trophy 
The Street Trophy final round was a duplicate of the Street Money final as Steve English once again defeated Jim Smith. Jim held the r.t. advantage .578 to .583, but Steve ran closer to his dial of 13.10 with a 13.113 at 101.84 mph. Jim was right there with his 13.216 at 103.23 mph run on his 13.18 dial in. Ted Lewis was the semifinalist.

Bike/Sled Trophy
Sudsy Eastman won the Bike / Sled Trophy class today on his ’00 Ski-Doo. Sudsy had a .549 light and ran a 10.150 at 124.32 mph on his 10.09 dial to stop Kevin Wuest who was riding his Polaris sled. Kevin has to settle for the runner up spot with his .611 initiated, 10.804 at 114.47 mph effort. Kevin was dial in at 10.83. Chrissy Klein was the semifinalist. 

722jaJr. Dragster "A"
Today we also hosted our annual Jr. Dragster Championships and in the “A” class my daughter Paige DeSalvo who is in her last season of Jr. racing pulled off something I was never able to achieve, win a “Wally”. Paige made a few withdrawals from the luck bank in the early rounds and was pitted against Shannon Harrison in the final round. Paige held a slight .591 to .608 starting line advantage and won by .006 with a 7.913 at 81.21 mph on her 7.90 dial, while Shannon settled for the runner up spot with a 7.97 dial in matching 7.973 at 79.95 mph effort. Jake Lipke and Jacob Snyder were the semifinalists.

 Jr. Dragster "B"
In the Jr. “B” class it was Casey Bedell hoisting the “Wally” after Hunter Heppner lit the red light in the final round. Casey was up to the task anyways as he had a .544 r.t. and drilled his 8.93 dial in with an 8.937 at 73.39 mph pass. Hunter had a .460 red light and ran an 8.951 at 70.42 mph on his 8.90 dial.

Jr. Dragster Shootout
In the afternoon we ran a Jr. Dragster Shootout where we combined both classes giving the racers another shot at the coveted “Wally” trophy. Shane Bingel scored the biggest win of his young racing career (he’s 10) when he stopped Kersten Harris in the final. Shane held a pretty good edge at the starting line .558 to .625, but Kersten almost pulled it off with a 9.037 at 69.75 mph run on her 9.01 dial in. Shane was able to nip her by .003 at the stripe with his 9.001 at 67.65 mph run on his 8.91 dial in. Daniel Thorpe and Ron Klein Jr. were the semifinalists.

Susan G. Komen "Draggin for a Cure"
We rounded out the busy day of racing action with the Susan G. Komen “Draggin for a Cure” race, which Chris Raineri organized. Mike LaRose was able to win it for the second straight year with his ’68 GTX defeating Anthony Zangari who was in his ’95 Camaro. Mike had a .512 r.t. and ran a 10.353 at 122.35 mph on his 10.29 dial to stop Anthony who had a .601 light and runner upped with his 10.144 at 125.69 mph run on his 10.13 dial in. Howie Conklin was the semifinalist. A special thanks to Chris for organizing the race, all the sponsors who donated gifts and to all of the racers who showed their support by entering the race.

 Next Week at ESTA: Open Test 'n Tune - no E.T. Series racing

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.
Photos by LaPointe Photography


Super Pro

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Bob Belvick
'03 Dragster
.513 5.001, 137.13
R-Up Josh Speck
'94 Beretta
.554 4.961, 144.21
Semis Carl Drake Jr.



  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve Doss
'85 Monte Carlo .523 10.102, 130.09
R-Up Mike LaRose
'69 Dart
.518 10.392, 127.90
Semis Justin Hardman        

Pro MX

  Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Lynn Major
'06 Suzuki
.524 8.584, 147.45
R-Up Chrissy Klein '02 Polaris
.538 9.948, 123.63
Semis Fred Jacobs        

Street Money

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve English
'82 Cutlass
.573 13.077, 103.16
R-Up Jim Smith
'89 GMC
.440 shut off
Semis Brad Horton
Howie Conklin


  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Ken Miller
'72 Maverick
.512 11.043, 120.08
R-Up Fausto Rioscolon '72 Cuda .594
9.781, 135.93
Semis Jeremy Popple

Street Trophy

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Steve English
'82 Cutlass
.583 13.113, 101.84
R-Up Jim Smith
'89 GMC
.578 13.216, 103.23
Semis Ted Lewis


Bike/Sled Trophy

  Driver Vehicle R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Sudsy Eastman
'00 Ski-doo
.549 10.150, 124.32
R-Up Kevin Wuest
'97 Polaris
.611 10.804, 144.47
Semis Chrissy Klein


Junior Dragster "A"

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Paige DeSalvo
'10 Halfscale
.591 7.913, 81.21
R-Up Shannon Harrison '12 Halfscale .608 7.973, 79.95
Semis Jake Lipke
Jacob Snyder


Junior Dragster "B"

  Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Casey BeDell
Jr. Dragster
.544 8.937, 73.39
R-Up Hunter Heppner
Jr. Dragster
.460 8.951, 73.39
Semis Kerstin Harris
Gracie Snyder


Junior Dragster Shootout

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Shane Bingel
'07 Halfscale
.558 9.001, 67.65
R-Up Kersten Harris
Jr. Dragster
.625 9.037, 69.75
Semis Daniel Thorpe
Ron Klein Jr.

Draggin For A Cure

Driver Car R.T. E.T./MPH Dial-in
Win Mike LaRose
'68 Plymouth
.512 10.353, 122.35
R-Up Anthony Zangari
'95 Camaro
.601 10.144, 125.69
Semis Howie Conklin

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