50th Anniversity NYS Championship / ND Challenge

Today we held our rescheduled 50th Anniversary / NYS Championship / National Dragster Challenge Race. Also on Saturday we ran the Susan G. Komen “Draggin’ For A Cure" race as well as running our two Street Classes. Throw in Jim Didio’s and Skip Halgren’s Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragsters and we had quite the full weekend of racing action. With “Wally” Trophies and top payouts on the line the action was intense. Here are the results.

In Super Pro it was Chuck White driving his ’74 AMC to the win when he defeated Eric Bunal in his ’87 Regal. Chuck held the reaction time advantage .514 to .548 and he won it with a 10.598 at 124.33 mph run on his 10.56 dial while Eric settled for the runner up spot with a 9.113 at 137.27 mph run on his 9.09 dial. Billy Caprara was the semifinalist.

In Pro, Jason Hemingway in his ’87 Camaro stopped current points’ leader Howard Roberts who was in his ’72 Duster. Jason used a .529 initiated 9.991 at 120.88 mph run on his 9.93 dial to score the win. Howard missed the tree with a .609 light and wasted his 9.593 at 140.99 mph run which matched his 9.59 dial in. Myles Higby and Mike LaRose Jr. were the semifinalists.

Herb Bingel made another rare race appearance today and he made it pay off as he rode his ’98 Ski-Doo to the Pro MX win. Herb had his work cut out for him in the final as he was able to stop this years’ Pro Sled Shootout winner Heath Smith riding his ’07 Polaris. Herb held the r.t. advantage .516 to .540 and he won it with an 11.039 at 113.06 mph run on his 11.00 dial in. Heath gave it his best shot but ran under his 9.10 dial with 9.085 at 134.69 mph for the runner up spot. Ron Smith was the semifinalist.

Street Money action saw Todd Lipke drive his ’70 Chevelle to the win stopping Theodore Lewis who was driving his ’86 Monte Carlo. In a very close final round Todd had a .515 light and ran 11.759 at 122.95 mph on his 11.06 dial while Theodore had a .526 light and ran 12.259 at 107.89 mph on his 12.23 dial in for the runner up spot. Anthony Rotolo and Travis Brown were the semifinalists.

Another racer who has not raced much this year, Bill Lake showed up today and took home the “Wally” in Modified. Bill drove his ’80 Camaro to a .626 initiated 11.048 at 122.95 mph winning run on his 11.06 dial, while runner up April Martin had a .600 r.t. but ran just a tad further under her 10.84 dial with a 10.817 at 118.04 mph effort. Jessica Caprara was the semifinalist.

In Street Trophy Anthony Zangari drove his familiar ’99 Z/28 to the win by defeating Todd Minerd who was in his “Trusty” ’85 S-10. Anthony ran 11.917 at 107.62 mph on his 11.88 dial while Todd ran 15.269 at 85.70 mph on his 15.21 dial for the runner up spot. Anthony also won the r.t. battle .587 to .601. Natalie Dodson and Anthony Rotolo were the semifinalists.

David Ashby won the Bike / Sled Trophy class today by stopping Shawn Fetter who was on his ’94 Ski-Doo. David had a .681 light and ran 13.462 at 95.33 mph on his 13.42 dial. Shawn fouled with a .366 red light and shut off. Chrissy Klein was the semifinalist.

In Jr. Dragster “A” class it was the same final round as it was the last time we raced Sept. 5th as Justin Hardman and Morgan Bunal faced off once again. The results ended the same when Justin won with a .523 initiated 7.970 at 78.82 mph run on his 7.90 dial in. Morgan was right there with her .556 initiated 7.976 at 80.31 mph run on her 7.90 dial in. Shaquille Scott was the semifinalist.

The Jr. Dragster “B” final round was also a close one as Dunham Hall and Shannon Harrison faced off for the coveted title. Dunham was able to score the win with a .528 r.t. and he ran 8.950 at 73.30 mph on his 8.98 dial in. Shannon had a .544 light and she ran further under her 9.02 dial in with an 8.983 at 72.57 mph runner up effort. Casey BeDell was the semifinalist.

We ran another one of Adam Carlson’s Index races and for this one it was a 10.50 index. In the final Steve Doss was able to snare the win with a .498 initiated 10.526 at 125.96 mph. Scott Forbes had a better .440 r.t. but he ran under the 10.50 index with a 10.488 at 122.28 mph runner up effort. Mark Talmadge was the semifinalist. Thanks again to Adam for all of his help in putting these races together and for hanging around the burnout box for most of the afternoon.

In the Susan G. Komen Draggin’ For a Cure Race which Chris Raineri put together and was rained out a few weeks ago. Today in the final it was Chrissy Klein grabbing the win by riding her Polaris drag sled around Jessica DeSiato who was in her ’85 Camaro. Chrissy had a .577 light and ran 11.713 at 104.34 mph on her 11.65 dial in while Jessica settled for the runner up spot with a .621 light and a 14.828 at 90.37 mph run on her 14.84 dial in. Gary Rolfe Jr. and Mike Parker were the semifinalists. Thanks to Chris for organizing this race and for all of her help.

That will do it for the busy weekend. Thanks to all that came out and participated in the race as well as the 50th tribute that we did at intermission.

By Pete DeSalvo Jr.
• Photos courtesy BK Digital Imaging

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