Forbes Win F.X. Caprara Trailer Sales Pro Showdown

We had a perfect day for drag racing today July 18th as we hosted the F.X. Caprara Trailer Sales Pro Showdown as well as the rest of our Summit E.T. classes. Here are the results.

In the Pro Showdown it was Rob Forbes in his familiar ’93 S-10 notching another big win. Rob’s final round opponent was Tom Samsel who showed up this week with a recently purchased ’79 Pontiac. Rob held the slight reaction time advantage .547 to .553 and he won it with a 10.480 at 127.90 mph run on his 10.50 dial while Tom gave it a great effort just breaking out with an 11.794 at 109.79 mph run on his 11.82 dial. Todd Lipke and Howard Smith were the semifinalists.

In Super Pro it was two ESTA veterans facing off in the final when Iggy Falcone in his ’65 Pontiac took out Tom Belvick in his ’04 S&W dragster. Iggy had a .524 r.t. and ran 10.075 at 132.36 mph on his 10.06 dial for the win while Tom settled for the runner up spot with a .532 initiated 8.025 at 166.66 mph run on his 7.97 dial in. Howie Smith was the semifinalist in his very fast Chevy powered dragster.

John Kufhta took the Pro MX title on his ’89 Polaris by defeating Kevin Wuest who was on his ’01 Polaris. John put together a great final round package starting with a .516 light and nailing his 10.91 dial in with a 10.916 at 108.40 mph pass. Kevin had a .558 light and took the runner up spot with a 10.073 at 119.97 mph run on his 10.16 dial in. Tony Germino was the semifinalist.

In Street Money it was Travis Brown driving his ’83 Malibu wagon to the win stopping the always tough Terry Lee in his Chevy powered Mustang. Travis had an excellent .509 r.t. and ran 10.762 at 118.45 mph on his 10.73 dial while Terry grabbed the runner up spot with a .539 initiated 10.670 at 125.60 mph run on his 10.63 dial. Anthony Rotolo was the semifinalist.

Modified was won by Howard Roberts driving his ’72 Plymouth to the final round win over Steve Luther who was driving his ’72 Chevy. Howard had a .529 to .603 r.t. advantage and ran 9.762 at 130.57 mph on his 9.71 dial in. Steve ran 11.417 at 119.32 mph on his 11.38 dial for the runner up spot. Allen Scott and Gene Stankivitz were the semifinalists.

Todd Minerd drove his ’85 S-10 to the Street Trophy title today by defeating Mike Ching who was in his ’94 Camaro. Todd used a .598 light and ran 15.459 at 80.10 mph run on his 15.37 dial for the win. Mike had a .649 light and took the runner up spot with a 12.518 at 114.27 mph run on his 11.85 dial in. TJ Ranucci and Howie Conklin were the semifinalists.

Sudsy Eastman took the Bike / Sled Trophy win on his ’00 Ski-Doo, defeating Shawn Fetter who was on his ’94 Ski-Doo. Sudsy had a .580 r.t. and ran 10.013 at 127.44 mph on his 9.99 dial while Shawn had a .685 r.t. and ran 10.196 at 124.70 mph on his 10.24 dial in the runner up effort. Kevin Wuest was the semifinalist.

Jake Lipke moved up to the Jr. Dragster “A” class this year and he took the win today stopping Samantha Wilson who has been on a bit of a hot streak herself. Jake ran 8.975 at 71.75 mph on his 8.94 dial to stop Samantha who ran right on her 7.93 dial with a 7.939 at 81.25 mph. The difference was at the tree with Jake’s .552 edging Samantha’s .606. Carter Helch was the semifinalist.

In Jr. “B” it was Jacob Snyder overcoming a .581 to .604 r.t. deficit by defeating Colin Forbes. Jacob ran 8.984 at 73.64 mph on his 8.95 dial while Colin runner upped with a 13.352 at 45.39 mph run on his 13.28 dial. Dylan Peckham was the semifinalist.

That will do it for now. Congrat’s to all the winners and thanks to everyone involved in getting our new timing system up and running. It was a long week but the system worked great.

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