Girls Gone Racing -- Adam's 11.50 Shootout

We had another large turnout as over 300 race vehicles were entered for the first round of competition. As well as our normal classes we also had The Girls Gone Racing at ESTA event as well as the second Adam’s 11.50 Index race. Here are the results.

The Girls Gone Racing at ESTA event which is organized by Jane Bersani is a benefit race with the proceeds from the entry fee’s being donated to DRAW which is an organization that helps out the families of injured racers. Today it was regular Pro class competitor April Martin driving her ’76 Dodge to the win by stopping first timer Carrie Montroy who was driving her ’06 Mustang Saleen. April held a slight .548 to .599 starting line advantage and held on for the close win with an 11.022 at 111.39 mph run on her 11.00 dial, while Carrie did herself proud with a 13.782 at 98.45 mph run on her 13.75 dial in. Chrissy Klein was the semifinalist on her Polaris race sled.

The 11.50 Index race which was put together by Adam Carlson turned out to be another good one. With all the competitors running off the 11.50 index and a .500 pro tree it was an exciting race to watch. In the final round it was Jason Richardson driving his Monte Carlo to a very close win stopping Vito Raineri in his Aspen. Jason had a great .506 light to Vito’s equally impressive .515 and at the stripe Jason ran an 11.555 at 111.90 mph while Vito ran an 11.560 at 113.74 mph for the runner up spot. Tom Saya in his Chevelle and Mark Talmadge in his Vega were the semifinalists.

In Super Pro it was Scott Forbes padding his points lead by taking the win when he stopped Brett VanBrocklin. Both drivers had great lights with Brett edging Scott with a .504 to .514 advantage. But he ran off his 8.10 dial with an 8.276 at 165.55 mph while Scott ran a 10.200 at 126.09 mph on his 10.17 dial. Howie Smith and Rich Dorr were the semifinalists in their dragsters.

In Pro, Steve Doss took the win defeating Mike LaRose Jr. in the money round. Steve was spot on with a .515 light and running a 0.130 at 122.61 mph on his 10.14 dial. Mike had a decent .530 light, but ran just a bit further under his 11.59 dial with an 11.578 at 116.92 mph for the runner up spot. April Martin continued her hot streak and was the semifinalist '76 Mopar.

Pro Bike was won by David Ashby with Anthony McKeen Sr. finishing in the runner up spot. David held the reaction time edge, .633 to .748 and ran a 13.976 at 88.59 mph on his 13.92 dial, while Anthony rode his Harley Destroyer to a 9.701 at 131.51 mph on his 9.61 dial. Cory Bingel was the semifinalist.

In Pro Sled, Dan Eddy Jr. rode his ’95 Ski-doo to the win by defeating Kevin Wuest who was on his ’01 Polaris. Dan used a .532 initiated, 11.176 at 107.89 mph run on his 11.11 dial. Kevin had a .612 light and settled for the runner up spot with a 9.934 at 128.65 mph run on his 9.91 dial. Chrissy Klein made her second semifinal of the day on her Polaris.

In Street Money it was Wade Willat taking the win by defeating John Joyce. Wade held a huge starting line advantage .540 to .723 and ran an 18.828 at 67.88 mph to stop John’s 12.752 at 106.64 mph run on his 12.67 dial. Theodore Lewis and Todd Minerd were the semifinalists.

Modified action saw Howard Roberts take his '72 Duster to the double breakout win stopping Tim Aceto in the final. Bothdrivers had good lights with Howard holding a .528 to .544 edge. Howard ran a 9.526 at 142.04 mph on his 9.53 dial, while Tim ran further under his 11.01 dial with a 10.939 at 123.21 mph. Westley Cayea was the semifinalist.

Dick Aversa stopped Street winner Wade Willat for the Street Trophy win using a .514 reaction and running his potent '09 Pontiac G8 to a 12.859 at 109.30 mph on his 12.85 dial. Wade had a decent .569 light, but ran under his 18.70 dial in with an 18.686 at 73.14 mph run. Chris Bouton was the semifinalist.

It was Herb Bingel III riding his way to the Bike/Sled Combo win defeating Sudsy Eastman in the final round. Herb had a .564 light and ran an 11.028 at 114.48 mph on his 11.00 dial, while Sudsy settled for the runner up spot with a .535 light and by running a 10.107 at 127.45 mph on his 10.05 dial. Nick Cerio and Skip Tamburino were the semifinalists.

Jr. Dragster “A” saw Taylor Duell defeat Ryan Pedersen in the final. Taylor had to get past Jr. "A's" hottest driver Michael Reynolds in the semis before her showdown with Ryan, a first year driver who is having a remarkable rookie season. Taylor ran a 7.911 at 82.13 mph on her 7.90 dial for the win, while Ryan ran an 8.040 at 82.55 mph on his 7.98 dial for the runner up spot. Ryan had a .633 light while Taylor had a .652. Mike Reynolds was the semifinalist.

The Reynolds Racing stable wasn't shut out of the win column as it was Kyle Reynolds stopping Jake Lipke for the Jr. Dragster "B" win. Kyle ran closer to his dial as both drivers broke out. Kyle ran an 8.933 at 72.32 mph on his 8.94, while Jake ran a 9.021 at 72.57 mph on his 9.04 dial in. Joshua Snyder and Megan Veschusio were the semifinalists.

By: Pete DeSalvo Jr.

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