High Winds Shorten Race to 1/8th Mile -- Tim Roberts Scores SuperPro Win

Today the racers had to adjust to 1/8 mile racing conditions as the high winds made us switch from our usual ¼ mile distance. The competitors also had to deal with cool 50 degree temperatures as well. Here is how the action went:


In Super Pro it came down to Tim Roberts driving his big block Chevy powered dragster up against Iggy Falcone who was in his familiar ’65 GTO. This one was over right at the start as Iggy lit the red bulb with a .492 reaction time and tossed away his 6.281 at 108.19 mph run on his 6.25 dial. Tim would have been awful tough to beat anyway as he drilled the tree with a .514 and ran 5.142 at 133.41 mph on his 5.13 dial to score the well deserved win. Frank Barbagallo was the semifinalist in his ’94 Lumina.


The Pro final was also determined by the red light as this time Matthew Hines lit the red bulb driving his ’78 Chevy. Scoring the very popular win was Theodore Lewis who was driving his street driven ‘Monte Carlo. Theodore had a .547 r.t. and ran it through to a 9.145 at 74.63 mph run on his 9.20 dial in. Matt ran 7.80 at 87.55 mph on his 7.83 dial for the runner up spot. May 3rd winner Howard Roberts was the semifinalist in his ’72 Plymouth.

Pro Bike action saw Darrell Aubin make the tow from the Albany area pay off as he took the win on his ’86 Yamaha. Darrell had the best r.t. of all the finals with a .502, that coupled with his 5.813 at 105.37 mph run on his 5.79 dial proved too much for Jason Longley. Jason had a decent .562 r.t. and ran under his 7.92 dial in with a 7.852 at 87.36 mph runner up effort. Skip Tamburino was the semifinalist on his Kawasaki.

Ron Smith nailed down the Pro Sled win today driving his ’01 Arctic Cat to the win over Sudsy Eastman who was on his ’98 Ski-Doo. Sudsy had the reaction time advantage .541 to .557 but Ron ran closer to his dial in of 5.95 with a 5.989 at 108.41 mph winning pass while Sudsy settled for the runner up spot with a 6.406 at 104.44 mph run on his 6.35 dial. John Mahay was the semifinalist on his ’01 Ski-Doo.

There were no surprises in Street Money today as four of the best in the class were in the semi’s battling for the win. In the final Terry Lee drove his Chevy powered ’89 Mustang to the win by stopping defending points champ Jason Richardson in his ’87 Monte Carlo. Terry got the jump at the line with his .516 r.t and won it with a 6.837 at 101.84 mph run on his 6.82 dial. Jason had a .557 light and settled for the runner up spot with a break out 7.752 at 86.03 mph run on his 7.80 dial. Anthony Zangari in his ’99 Z/28 and Anthony Rotolo in his ’72 Nova were the semifinalists.

John Schnabel drove his ’80 Lemans to the win in Modified when he stopped Warren Vandish who was in his ’69 Chevy. Joe’s .527 initiated 7.369 at 87.89 mph run on his 7.20 dial made him win easily over Warren’s late .823 initiated 6.681 at 102.70 mph effort that was run against his 6.45 dial. Bob Crouse was the semifinalist.

Street Trophy saw Howie Conklin take the win driving his pristine ’65 Chevelle stopping Wade Willatt who was in his ’02 Mazda. Howie held the r.t. advantage .576 to .605 and won it with an 8.385 at 82.28 mph run on his 8.35 dial. Wade was the runner up with an 11.845 at 59.67 mph run on his 11.82 dial in. John Joyce and Todd Minerd were the semifinalists.

Bike / Sled combo saw John Kufhta take the win riding his ’89 Polaris to the win over Herb Bingel III who was on his ’98 Ski-Doo. John held the starting line advantage and won the double break out affair with his 6.952 at 95.12 mph run on his 6.96 dial while Herb settled for the runner up spot with a 6.921 at 93.95 mph run on his 6.94 dial. Diane Blaylock was the semifinalist.

Jr. Dragster “A” class action saw Samantha Wilson score the win when she stopped Morgan Bunal in the final round. The reaction times were close with Sam holding the slight .649 to .671 advantage but she ran very close to her 8.37 dial with a 8.380 at 73.76 mph run to make Morgan the runner up with her 8.299 at 76.64 mph run on her 8.24 dial. Justin Hardman was the semifinalist.

In Jr. Dragster “B” it was Shannon Harrison driving her “Shaboggie” titled entry to the win over Kimberly Klein. Shannon got away with a late .707 light and ran 9.150 at 69.11 mph on her 9.14 dial to steal the win from Kim. Kim had a much better .575 light but she ran under her 9.45 dial with a 9.361 at 70.08 mph runner up pass. Dunham Hall and Colin Forbes were the semifinalists.

In the Special Truck Drag class which was sponsored by Upstate Diesel Performance it was Jordan Reader driving his ’88 Ranger to the win by defeating Todd Minerd who was driving his ’85 S-10. Jordan had the reaction time advantage .608 to .690, and he won it with a 7.947 at 80.24 mph run on his 7.90 dial in. Todd had to settle for the runner up spot with a 9.636 at 69.97 mph run on his 9.62 dial in. Jeff Cerio and Josh Hays were the semifinalists.

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